As a church, we will be a people who have a loving, personal and intimate relationship with God through faith in Jesus. He loved the world so much, he sent His own son to enable this kind of relationship with himself and us. We want to be passionate Christ followers, who worship God in Spirit and in truth. Therefore, we will be a worshipping community, passionate for his gospel and presence amongst us. A direct result of loving God is to love people. We believe that the Church is put on earth as God's plan A, to demonstrate His unconditional love to people. Our deep desire is to be a loving community that expresses God's awesome love by loving and accepting people where they are. Grace Church will be a people who will others to belong first and then have an opportunity to believe, and it's only Jesus who can change us!

We are fully committed as a church to love and reach those who don't know Christ. Jesus came to to be a 'friends of sinners''. We want to follow in His footsteps. We believe that the 'gospel' (good news) is not just a bunch of religious information or even a religious lifestyle. It is about a radical, self sacrificial, powerful, grace filled, loving, merciful, life transforming Saviour who died, taking our sins upon himself. Not only that, but he's alive and we can know him and follow him today! At Grace, we are passionate about seeing God's kingdom come.We believe the Church exists to continue the work of Jesus who still saves people from sin, heals the sick, mends broken hearts, cares for the poor and is there for the marginalized. Jesus is all about transforming lives!






Jesus was passionate about gathering & empowering people. Being a disciple of Jesus is all about knowing him and living for him. As a church we are passionate to see people discipled so that they lead and serve at home as husbands/wives/ parents, in the work place, in business, the community and in the life of the church.


We take great pleasure in serving Christ; by serving one another, the community around us and our family of churches, both here and in other nations. We believe that God gives the greatest gifts to those who know him and we want to be a generous, serving, hospitable and caring community which gives away what it has received from God. Jesus called this 'Salt and light'. We want Grace to be a people who serve and find their purpose in God, by blessing others. (a priesthood of all believers 1Peter 2:5). We also believe God has called us to plant more churches.










Grace Church Whitehaven is a registered charity No 1164923 and our constitution was supported by Stewardship, an Evangelical Alliance member organisation. We are also part of a family of churches called Christ Central, newfrontiers.