Christ Central Cumbria & Lancashire










We belong to a family of Christ Central Churches which are overseen and cared for by Jeremy Simpkins and his apostolic team.

Our distintives together are:

  • We are friends first, enjoying God,
  • building churches empowered by word & spirit,
  • advancing the Kingdom, transforming the world,
  • reaching nations and making disciples.
Christ Central is also part of the Newfrontiers family of Churches, formally led by Terry Virgo. We are one of hundreds of Churches worldwide together on a mission in over 70 countries. We have a passionate commitment to build the Church according to New Testament principles and believe the most effective form of evangelism is worked out from local Churches.

Other Christ Central Churches in Cumbria and Lancashire


Blackpool Church Plant

King's Church Cockermouth




Devoted is a gathering of Christ Central, newforntiers churches from the UK and around the world. Next Devoted will be 24th - 27th August 2018.








Grace Church Whitehaven is a registered charity No 1164923 and our constitution was supported by Stewardship, an Evangelical Alliance member organisation. We are also part of a family of churches called Christ Central, newfrontiers.